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I love to (1) travel, it’s my passion.  As a child I was always (2) leading my little brother and friends off on imaginary adventures and (3) expeditions in the woods and fields near our house.  Now I go away (4) whenever I can.  I adore seeing new places, meeting people and exploring different cultures, (5) tasting exotic foods and having new experiences.  My house is full of maps, I have a world map on my living room wall and a globe on my desk.  I’m always thinking about my next (6) trip and making plans.

As a student I (7) backpacked a lot.  I (8) hitch-hiked round Europe staying in hostels and campsites, even sleeping on people’s (9) sofas.  One summer I (10) inter-railed round Spain and Portugal with some friends, it was fantastic.  I like travelling by public transport, you meet more people than you do if you (11) hire a car. 

For me, the (12) journey is as important as the destination. When I finished university I bought a round-the-world plane ticket and went away for three months to Canada, Mexico, Australia, Thailand and India.  My favourite country that I’ve visited (13) so far is India because it’s so (14) diverse, there are so many cultures and religions living side-by-side and so many interesting historical sights and temples to visit.  I also love the (15) spicy food.

My life has changed a lot since I was a student. Now I’m married with two young children, but we still travel as much as possible.  We sometimes go on (16) package tours as they’re really convenient for families, or we take the (17) ferry or (18) channel tunnel to northern France for a week, the countryside is beautiful and the children can play on the beach all day.  One day, when the children are a bit older, I would like to go to India again.  I think it would be an amazing experience for them, and there is still so much to explore.


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(1) travel – a general word for exploring the world or making a journey
(2) leading – guiding, taking, going first
(3) expeditions – excursion
(4) whenever – any time
(5) tasting – trying food
(6) trip – a short journey, usually to a place and back again
(7) backpack – to travel cheaply with a rucksack
(8) hitch-hike – travel by getting free lifts in passing vehicles
(9) sofas – long, comfortable seat in a living room
(10) inter-rail – travel by train with a special unlimited ticket
(11) hire – pay to use something for a period
(12) journey – a “piece” of travel, usually from one place to another
(13) so far – until now
(14) diverse – varied
(15) spicy – with many spices, piquant
(16) package tours – a holiday where the price includes flights, accomodation, trips and food
(17) ferry – boat that travels between two places
(18) channel tunnel – tunnel under the sea between England and France