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Patricia: Excuse me,(1) is this seat taken?

Alex: No, it’s free, no-one’s sitting there.(2) Have you got the time?

Patricia: Yes, it’s nearly half past six.  I’ve got (3) some time to kill before my flight.

Alex: Me too.  I always think I’m (4) running late for my flight, then find myself (5) waiting around.

Patricia: I know what you mean.  But I (6) suppose it’s better to be a bit early, then you don’t have to worry if (7) customs stop you to (8) search your luggage.

Alex: That’s true.  Where are you going?

Patricia: I’m (9) off to New York for a few days, then I’m going to (10) head to Florida for some sunshine.

Alex: Excellent. Have you been to New York before?

Patricia: No, it’s my first time.  I’ve been to Florida before (11) though, I had a job at a summer camp for children there many years ago.

Alex: I’m going to Florida too, to Miami on business.  I’ve got an important (12) meeting tomorrow.  I’m hoping (13) to see some of the sights too while I’m there.  New York’s a great city, there’s so much to see and do.

Patricia: Yes, I’m (14) looking forward to it.  Right, (15) I’d better go and find Gate 11.  Good luck for your meeting, and have a good time in Florida.

Alex: You too, have a good flight.  Bye!


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(1) is this seat taken?- Is someone sitting here?
(2) Have you got the time? – What time is it?
(3) some time to kill – Nothing to do now
(4) running late – To be later than planned
(5) waiting around – Waiting for something to happen in no specific place
(6) suppose – imagine, think
(7) customs – international border security
(8) search – check, look for something
(9) off to – going to
(10) head to – go to, go in the direction of
(11) though – however
(12) meeting – business appointment
(13) to see some of the sights – visit some tourist attractions
(14) looking forward to – thinking about a future event with excitement
(15) I’d better (I had better) – I should