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Welcome to Great British Cruises! Hello, I am Captain Louise Evans.

This is my ship, it is called the Grace Darling. It is a new ship, it’s two years old.

Here is the team: this is Henry Campbell, he is the engineer.

This is the cook, her name is Delia Porter. She’s a fantastic cook! All the restaurants on the ship are excellent.

This is Daniel Byrne, he’s the doctor. If you are ill, he is here for you.

Finally, this is Jasmin Chaudry.  She is the entertainment manager.  She’s here to entertain you!

Henry is Scottish, he’s from Edinburgh. Delia and Jasmin are English: Delia is from Bristol and Jasmin is from London.  Daniel is Irish, he’s from Antrim. I’m Welsh, I’m from Cardiff.

The weather forecast is good and the sea is calm. Enjoy the cruise!


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all = tutti
British = britannico
called (to be called) = (essere) chiamato, si chiama
calm = calmo
cook = cuoco, cuoca
cruise = crociera
doctor = medico
engineer = ingegnere
English = inglese
enjoy = godere / godersi
entertainment = intrattenimento
finally = finalmente  /infine
from = da
good = buono
here = qui
if = se
ill = malato
Irish = irlandese
manager = direttore, responsabile
meet = conoscere, incontrare
name = nome
new = nuovo
Scottish = scozzese
sea = mare
ship = nave
team = squadra
weather forecast = previsioni del tempo
welcome = benvenuto
Welsh = gallese
years old = anni (età)